September 10th

New Innovations and the Best Nursery Practices

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Great innovations have been brought to the swine industry and we will highlight the latest. In addition, you will hear about the best nursery practices to consider in your barn to get pigs off to the best start after weaning! 

Also, don’t miss our special guest speaker from Neogen, Jesse McCoy, CWS – Business Unit Specialist, Water Treatment, who will talk about the importance of water quality; “How Water Can Give You 5.5 lbs per Pig.”

Featured Partner:

Dr. Ryan Tenbergen DVM, M.Sc - Demeter Veterinary Services Inc.

Ryan grew up in Ingersoll, ON. He attended the University of Guelph completing a Bachelor of Science degree and Master of Science degree in swine health management, followed by graduation from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2016. Ryan has authored and co-authored scientific papers in the areas of swine disease and management as well as delivered oral presentations at scientific conferences and swine production meetings across Canada. He joined Demeter Veterinary Services in 2016 and services farms in Ontario and the Maritimes. Since 2019, he became a Demeter’s co-owner. He enjoys being challenged with new problems and helping people be successful in the swine industry.

Marsha Chambers, Production Specialist – Demeter Veterinary Services Inc.

Marsha has been in the swine industry for over 20 years, training all new employees for Premium Pork to managing multiple farms. She then moved into production management helping producers with troubleshooting, staffing and working on the TFW file. She is now support and help Demeter’s customers as a production specialist by sharing all her knowledge and know-how in pork production. Her experience in staff management and recruitment is also an important contribution to producers.

Steve McVeeney, Production Specialist – Demeter Veterinary Services Inc.

Steve has been working in the swine industry for over 20 years. He started working in farms with Premium pork, and then switched to Sunterra/Sunwold farms overlooking all production areas. The past 7 years he has been the Production Supervisor of H and L farms. Steve has joined the Demeter team as a production specialist and he is available to discuss pig farming management with our customers. Based on his experience, he is surely a great adviser for Demeter’s customers and ensures the follow-up of the veterinary files and treatments.

Jesse McCoy, CWS - Business Unit Specialist, Water Treatment – Neogen

Jesse grew up in the Shenandoah Valley, VA. He attended James Madison University completing a Bachelor of Integrated Science and Technology, dual concentration in Environmental Science and Industrial Operations and Management. Jesse has worked as a consultant for a water quality group, before becoming a R&D director, specialized in developing and implementing practical strategies, all water-related. He is now the Business Unit Specialist for Water Treatment at Neogen Corporation where he implements water treatments in the objective of setting up cost-effective water programs. He is also a certified water specialist for the Water Quality Association.

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Welcome Words

New Innovations

by Dr. Ryan Tenbergen


Best Nursery Practices

by Marsha Chambers and Steve McVeeney


How Water Can Give You 5.5 lbs per Pig

by Jesse McCoy

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