Our Group

Our companies offer products and services in all of the following sectors of swine production in Canada: genetics, nutrition, feed production, health, management, and research.
In collaboration with several partners, our group is a leader in Canadian research and development. Since 2005, we have completed no less than 500 projects and have annually invested $1.5 million. The results from our trials whether they be in livestock management, feed and nutrition, health, or reproduction, are shared with the industry. Transparency is one of our core values.

The fact that we, ourselves, are involved in pig farming allows us to fully understand the realities faced by producers at all levels. We are able to quickly adapt to new market realities and technologies which allows us to have an optimal research and development program.

Together we are working to improve pork production in Canada.

Demeter Services Vétérinaires inc. was founded in 2004. Its mission is to support pork producers with herd health management.  Demeter provides producers with innovative and efficient strategies that are tailored to their clients’ needs. Their veterinary services employ holistic and preventative approaches that maximize the growth potential of the animals. Demeter is committed to ensuring the appropriate, safe, and cost-effective use of medications. 

Demeter Veterinary Services, an Ontario-based division of Demeter Services Vétérinaires inc., was created in 2019. This Ontario Division comprises two Ontario-based veterinarians and a pharmacy located in Woodstock, Ontario.

FarmHouse Consultants Inc., a Manitoba-based company, was founded in 2019 by Patrick Hague and J. Neil Dobson. FarmHouse offers a fresh way of doing business focused on the swine and poultry industry. Adopting a "walk-in-their" shoes strategy is aligned with their core pledge of prioritizing their client success. One of our core values is to connect producers with the brightest minds and the newest technology our industry offers. Animal agriculture is evolving to meet increased demands and adapt to many fundamental changes;  new rules and regulations, higher expectations of transparency and sustainability, and changing consumer preferences. FarmHouse's responsiveness and ability to pivot to address challenges, could not have come at a better time.

Founded in 2004 by Janin Boucher and Dan Bussières, both agrologists, Groupe Cérès offers services in all sectors related to the swine industry: genetics, nutrition, feed production, research, management, and network production. The mission of Groupe Cérès is to advise Canadian swine producers and to offer a full range of services within an independent integration model provides clients with the full latitude they need to manage their business according to their own values and objectives. 

Nutrition Partners paves a better way for livestock production in Canada. To their clients, they are more than feed providers; they are partners. Nutrition Partners works directly with the livestock on their customers’ farms, sharing exceptional knowledge and support in order to promote optimal growth. They are dedicated nutrition and animal health managers committed to ensuring Canada’s farms receive the proper nutrition for its unique livestock environments.

Nutrition Athéna inc. is a division of Groupe Cérès inc. which was founded in 2008. Their mission is to provide pork producers with access to high-performance feed products while maintaining a competitive pricing approach. Their team of three experienced agronomists offers a formulation and feed program development consulting service that is tailored to the needs of producers. The expertise of Nutrition Athéna inc. influences the nutrition of more than 4.5 million pigs or the equivalent of 1.5 million tonnes of complete feed per year in Canada.

Precision Veterinary Services provides a global swine veterinary experience and innovative solutions whilst prioritizing health, animal welfare, and financial interests. Their diagnoses concerning herd health are rigorous. Precision Veterinary Services seeks accurate diagnostic analyses in order to apply the most appropriate solution. They also offer consultation services for herd management.  Precision Veterinary Services offers action plans as well as preventive vaccination and medication programs designed to prevent diseases, improve health management, and optimize production. Their main goal is to help their customers in becoming as competitive as possible.

Premier/SHP is a comprehensive deployment service for pork producers. Their multi-disciplinary team is made up of specialists for every need: veterinary care, nutrition, preventive medicine, sale of farm and livestock equipment, performance data management, quality assurance programs, and more. Premier/SHP’s comprehensive team supports producers by improving the performance and profitability of their businesses.

Shakespeare Mills Inc. (S.M.I) has been providing Southwestern Ontario with quality premix products since 1981. Their mission has always been to provide their customers with the best products, using industry approved ingredients, and always at affordable prices. S.M.I knows that success is the result of hard work, persistence, and integrity. This vision is evident in everything they do and in all the decisions that they make. Products available through S.M.I include: micro & macro premix, supplements, as well as straight ingredients and additives for swine, dairy, beef and poultry.