March 26th

Circovirus: What Has Changed and What to Expect

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The national Demeter veterinarian group has dealt with different cases of porcine circovirus type-2 (PCV-2) across Canada that has affected pigs early in the nursery resulting in high mortality. As a leader in swine health and production in the country, we will present a special interest webinar on circovirus disease and considerations for prevention. The webinar will touch on both PCV-2, which most herds are vaccinated for, and circovirus type 3, a potential emerging disease gaining some attention in both the United States and Canada. We hope this webinar will refresh everyone’s mind about circovirus disease and help to promote discussion on prevention and future actions. 

Featured Partner:

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Dr. Ryan Tenbergen DVM, M.Sc - Demeter Veterinary Services P.C. Inc.

Ryan graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2016 and joined Demeter Veterinary Services supporting farms in Ontario and the Maritimes. He has authored and co-authored scientific papers in the areas of swine disease and management as well as delivered oral presentations at scientific conferences and swine production meetings across Canada. He remains highly involved in industry groups to support producers and is the current president of the Ontario Association of Swine Veterinarians and Vice President for the Canadian Association of Swine Veterinarians.

Dr. Cordell Young DVM - Precision Veterinary Services Inc.

Cordell grew up on a mixed grain and livestock farm near Bredenbury, SK. He purchased its first ewe and her triplet lambs at the age of 9. His sheep business grew steadily until his graduating year of high school when he reached 150 ewes. Theexperience with sheep led him to the Animal Science program at the University of Saskatchewan and ultimately to Veterinary Medicine at the WCVM. Upon graduation in 2017, I came to work in the Lethbridge area with mostly swine producers. He is now partnered in Precision Veterinary Services.

Dr. Sylvain Messier DVM - Demeter Services Vétérinaires Inc.

Sylvain was raised on a family pigs farm of which he is now a shareholder. In 1996, he obtained a degree in veterinary medicine for the University of Montreal’s faculty of veterinary medicine. The following year, he completed advance training in swine medicine. In 2004, after seven years as a veterinarian for a genetics company, he joined Dr. Martin Bonneau in founding Demeter Services Vétérinaires inc. In addition to practicing swine veterinary medicine he is actively involved with different provincial organisations (AVIA, CMEP, RASPE, VSP) and several other industry committees.

Dr. Darin Madson DVM, PhD, DACVP

Dr. Madson is Head of Veterinary Services for JBS Live Pork and works with a wonderful team of veterinarians to oversee the health for 170,000 sows worth of production in eight states in North America. Prior to this position, he was an associate professor and veterinary diagnostician at Iowa State University, Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory for 13 years. He received his D.V.M. degree from the University of Minnesota in 2004 and PhD in veterinary pathology at Iowa State University in 2009.

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Cases of PCV-2 across Canada
by Dr. Ryan Tenbergen and Dr. Cordell Young 

Laboratory stats - How should we monitor circovirus and detect any changes quickly

by Dr. Sylvain Messier


Comments on the cases of Dr. Tenbergen and Dr. Young and an overview of the circovirus in the USA.
by Dr. Darin Madson


Roundtable discussion about circovirus and answering attendees' questions

by Dr. Ryan Tenbergen, Dr. Cordell Young, Dr. Sylvain Messier and Dr. Darin Mabson