March 12th

Successful Weaning in a World Without Added Zinc Oxide

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The era of adding high doses of zinc to post-weaning feeds is coming to an end. Some countries have, or are in the process of banning the use of zinc for pharmacological purposes. Canada will be no exception, and discussions are underway to impose much firmer limits.


The addition of zinc oxide in high doses has proven to be an effective tool for controlling post-weaning diarrhea over the years. What are the alternatives in terms of management and nutrition that will allow us to maintain performance and continue to limit enteric problems in the nursery?


Come see what Nutrition Athéna offers in terms of management and also the new developments in R&D in the nursery.

Featured Partner:

Dan Bussières, agr. - Nutritionist, Nutrition Athéna Inc.

Dan Bussières is a Swine Nutritionist and University of Laval graduated (1996) from Quebec, He and his business partner, Janin Boucher, founded Groupe Cérès Inc. in 2004. Their company, based in Lévis, Québec, specializes in all areas of swine production. Dan works on the development and monitoring of nutrition programs for swine producers. Groupe Cérès Inc. and its affiliates influence the feeding of more than 4.5 million pigs in Canada. Dan is also working with many industry partners to conduct field research projects aimed at developing new feed programs optimize pork production performance and improve meat quality.


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Commodities: The Situation to Date

by Berthiaume Nutrition inc.


Successful Weaning in a World Without Added Zinc Oxide 

by Dan Bussières, agr.


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