June 18th

Tripping Over Dollars to Pick Up Nickels: Leveraging Your Vet Services

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The conversation will highlight the different decisions you make in a barn and how having your vet involved can help you save money in the long run!

Featured Partner:

Dr. Blaine Tully DVM, Ag.Dipl. - Premier SHP
Swine Veterinarian

Dr. Tully has been a partner veterinarian at Swine Health Professionals Ltd. in Manitoba since 2002. As a swine practitioner, Dr. Tully has been involved in providing health and production service to various hog producers in Manitoba including small family farms, large iso-wean facilities, AI centers, genetic supplies and many farrow-to-finish farms. Dr. Tully’s focus within his practice has been to promote preventative health solutions to swine farms in order to enhance animal welfare, improve farm productivity, and help farms to achieve their goals.

Dennis Robles BSA - Premier SHP
Workshop Coordinator & Production Support

Dennis assists the Premier SHP veterinarians from on farm production monitoring, troubleshooting and staff training, CPE validation, to collection and submission of samples as required. Scheduling and coordinating CIPARS (Canadian Integrated Program for Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance), and coordinating, planning & implementing on-farm trials of pharmaceutical products are all on his list of responsibilities. Dennis is also a Pig Care Specialist, Improvest Specialist and PCAI trainer for Premier SHP.


Special guest speaker

Dr. Karine Talbot will present about the experience with influenza in HyLife Sow Herds, how they try to manage and control it using vaccination, and what they have learned about different approaches throughout the years!

Dr. Karine Talbot DVM - HyLife Ltd.
Swine Veterinarian

Dr. Talbot graduated from University of Montreal in 2008 in Veterinary Medicine. She joined HyLife as the on-staff veterinarian in 2008 and she is now Director of Animal Health. Her work is primarily focused on health, production, welfare and biosecurity of all the different divisions of the company; genetic sale, commercial production, slaughter plant, truck wash, research and development, etc.  She oversees the veterinary needs of HyLife herds in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and North Dakota. She is also on the Board of Director of the Canadian Association of Swine Veterinarian (CASV-ACVP) since 2011.

Dre Karine Talbot

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Experience with Controlling Influenza in HyLife Sow Herds
by Dr. Karine Talbot DVM


Tripping Over Dollars to Pick Up Nickels: Leveraging Your Vet Services

by Dr. Blaine Tully DVM, Ag.Dipl. and Dennis Robles BSA


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