July 15th

Circovirus and Influenza; Experience, Evolution and Prevention

| Presented in French

The national Demeter veterinarian group has dealt with different cases of porcine circovirus type-2 (PCV-2) across Canada that has affected pigs early in the nursery resulting in high mortality.  As a leader in swine health in Canada, we will present a webinar on the prevention of PCV-2 and circovirus type 3, a potential emerging disease gaining some attention in both the United States and Canada. 

Also, our guest speaker, Dr. Karine Talbot, Director of Animal Health at HyLife Ltd., will share with us her experience and knowledge of recent years on influenza control using vaccination in sow herds at HyLife.

This webinar will refresh everyone’s mind on these diseases, provide you with an update on their progress and help to promote discussion on prevention and future actions.

Featured Partner:

Dr. Sylvain Messier DVM - Demeter Services Vétérinaires inc.

Sylvain was raised on a family pigs farm of which he is now a shareholder. In 1996, he obtained a degree in veterinary medicine for the University of Montreal’s faculty of veterinary medicine. The following year, he completed advance training in swine medicine. In 2004, after seven years as a veterinarian for a genetics company, he joined Dr. Martin Bonneau in founding Demeter Services Vétérinaires Inc. In addition to practicing swine veterinary medicine he is actively involved with different provincial organisations (AVIA, CMEP, RASPE, VSP) and several other industry committees.

Dr. Karine Talbot DVM - HyLife Ltd.

Dr. Talbot graduated from University of Montreal in 2008 in Veterinary Medicine. She joined HyLife as the on-staff veterinarian in 2008 and she is now Director of Animal Health. Her work is primarily focused on health, production, welfare and biosecurity of all the different divisions of the company; genetic sale, commercial production, slaughter plant, truck wash, research and development, etc.  She oversees the veterinary needs of HyLife herds in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and North Dakota. She is also on the Board of Director of the Canadian Association of Swine Veterinarian (CASV-ACVP) since 2011.

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Cases of PCV-2 across Canada
by Dr. Sylvain Messier

Laboratory Stats - How should we monitor circovirus and detect any changes quickly.

by Dr. Sylvain Messier


Experience with Controlling Influenza in HyLife Sow Herds
by Dr. Karine Talbot


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