December 17th

L'importance des 72 premières heures de vie

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This webinar will present the important principles for maximizing the survival rate of suckling piglets as well as concrete actions that can be applied on-farm to achieve this. The focus will be on the first 72 hours of the piglet's life, because as we know, the majority of pre-weaning mortality occurs during the first 3 days after farrowing.

If a good job is done during these first few hours, not only will more piglets be alive on day 3, but the table will be set for a better survival rate and better long-term performance on this group of piglets.

Featured Partner:

Dr. Sylvain Messier DVM - Demeter Services Vétérinaires Inc.

Sylvain was raised on a family pigs farm of which he is now a shareholder. In 1996, he obtained a degree in veterinary medicine for the University of Montreal’s faculty of veterinary medicine. The following year, he completed advance training in swine medicine. In 2004, after seven years as a veterinarian for a genetics company, he joined Dr. Martin Bonneau in founding Demeter Services Vétérinaires inc. In addition to practicing swine veterinary medicine he is actively involved with different provincial organisations (AVIA, CMEP, RASPE, VSP) and several other industry committees.

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L'importance des 72 premières heures de vie


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