April 30th

An attacking trio which score
for sure!

| Presented in French

Three renowned speakers will present novelties in finishing barns, strategies in maternity and the importance of terminal lines. Jean-Philippe Martineau and Dan Bussières, both swine nutritionists for Groupe Cérès and Nutrition Athéna, will be accompanied by Daniel Godbout, geneticist at PIC. They will discuss these topics and answer your questions!

Featured Partner:

Jean-Philippe Martineau, M.Sc. Agr. – Swine Nutritionist, Groupe Cérès inc.

Jean-Philippe was exposed to pork production from his childhood working on the family-owned farm farrow-to-finish of 720 sows. After a master's degree in Animal Science at Laval University in Quebec, he has worked as a swine nutritionist for 4 years for Hylife in Manitoba. After moving back to Quebec in 2017, he joined the nutrition team at Groupe Cérès. He is as of recently part owner of Nutrition Athéna (Groupe Cérès' feed division in Quebec). Jean-Philippe was also the recipient of the 2017 R.O. Ball Young Scientist Award, presented as part of the Banff Pork Seminar.

Dan Bussières, B.Sc. Agr. – Swine Nutritionist, Groupe Cérès inc.

Dan Bussières is a Swine Nutritionist and who graduated from Laval University, Quebec, in 1996. He and his business partner, Janin Boucher, founded Groupe Cérès Inc. in 2004. Their company, based in Lévis, Quebec, specializes in all areas of swine production. Dan works on the development and monitoring of nutrition programs for swine producers. Groupe Cérès Inc. and its affiliates influence the feeding of more than 4.5 million pigs in Canada. Dan is also working with several industry partners to conduct field research projects aimed at developing new feed programs to optimize pork production performance and improve meat quality.

Daniel Godbout M.Sc. Agr. Geneticist, PIC North America

Daniel Godbout has a bachelor’s degree (1985) and a master’s degree (1992) in animal science from Laval University. From 1985 to 2003, he worked as a geneticist in charge of the genetic program and as director of the research and development for Genetiporc and the Breton Group. With the purchase of Genetiporc by PIC in 2013, in addition to ensuring the transfer of elite genes from Genetiporc genetic lines to PIC's Nucleus herds, he took on responsibility for genetic services for PIC clients in Canada and some US accounts. Daniel is a member of several provincial and national committees promoting the development of Canadian swine genetics and basic and applied swine research. He has also been a member of the CIPQ Board for almost 10 years.


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The Importance of the Terminal Lines 

by Daniel Godbout


Novelties in Fishing Barns

by J-P Martineau

Strategies in Maternity 

by Dan Bussières


Question period

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