April 16th

Benchmarking - Insights for Improved Technical/Financial Performance

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Benchmarking has been widely used in all industries to compare a company’s strengths, weaknesses and performance metrics to the rest of the industry and to search for best practices that can help to achieve superior performance. The Swine Industry is no exception.

We will take a look at how the Canadian Swine industry compares to the rest of the world on technical and financial performance. One problem always has been to be able to analyze the financial impact on the bottom line of the different technical and financial numbers. Which numbers have the biggest impact on the bottom line, so we can prioritize what we should focusing on.

For that we developed a program to easily gather data, generate insightful reports combined with
benchmarking and deeper analysis of the technical/financial numbers for your individual farm.

Featured Partner:

Jan Geurts - Swine Nutritionist, Nutrition Partners Inc.

Jan graduated from the HAS University of Applied Sciences in Den Bosh, The Netherlands in 1985.
After working for 7 years in the feed industry, he worked 4 years as a Systems Analyst at Agrovision, a
specialized international supplier of Agricultural Software and was responsible for developing
Benchmarking for the Dutch swine industry and software for analyzing mineral utilization on swine
farms. He emigrated to Canada in 1996 with his family and joined Nutrition Partners in 2003 focusing on
all areas of swine production.

Jan Geurts
Pieter Van Wijck - Swine Nutritionist, Nutrition Partners Inc.

Pieter grew up on a poultry farm in Holland. In 2009 he graduated from the HAS University of Applied
Sciences in Den Bosch, the Netherlands. After graduating he moved to Canada and worked on a farrow-to-finish operation for 3 years, where he managed the feed mill and worked in the pig barn. Pieter joined Nutrition Partners as a nutritionist in 2012, specializing in swine nutrition and utilizing his practical experience in helping customers in all areas of swine production and on-farm feed manufacturing.

Henry Van De Velde - Risk Management Consultant for HyLife Foods

Henry Van De Velde has been involved in risk management for over 20 years. He is a former owner in HyLife and now works with HyLife’s risk management team as a consultant.

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Benchmarking - Insights for Improved Technical/Financial Performance
by Pieter Van Wijck and Jan Geurts


Current Commodity and Pig Market Update 

by Henry Van De Velde


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